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ExportStation is a platform built to simplify e-commerce by allowing you to connect with an already established system of services and technologies. With ExportStation, your webshop can be easily connected with a range of solutions including translations, customer service, chatbots, and AI-powered customer service analytics - all with a single point of contact and at a much cheaper price than getting the services and technologies separately.


Seamless translation submission

With ExportStation you get access to our translation infrastructure and professional, native translators. Simply upload your files for translation, specify the type of translation, choose between machine-translation, localisation, or co-creation, set a due date and click submit. We will translate your texts and notify you on completion.
Line drawing - phone + text

Chatbots as a service

Chatbots are an increasingly accepted and efficient way of providing better customer experiences.  Having connected your e-commerce system to ExportStation, our native chatbot specialists can develop a fully-functioning chatbot for you in just a few hours that allow you to answer most questions instantly. Did you for instance know that "Where is my order?" is the most asked question in customer service? With a chatbot, you can answer that question without having to involve people.

Our native e-commerce specialists will fully develop and maintain your chatbot to ensure continuous improvements and performance, allowing you to focus on other things.

AI powered conversation tagging

All webshops do customer service and most of those webshops want to use feedback from customers to become better at what they do and improve processes. Usually, however, this requires manual tagging, analysis, and interpretation of customer conversations, something that takes plenty of time and effort.

By connecting your customer service system to ExportStation, you can let all your conversations be analysed and tagged by artificial intelligence. This ensures high accuracy and consistency in conversation tagging, it saves you time, and allows you to route conversations to the best suited agent. With AI, you can spend your time improving your processes and customer experiences, without having to dig through customer feedback manually.

Customer Conversation Categories by Percent


Our Onboarding Team integrates your e-commerce platform with our customer service tool - this way, our agents have the necessary knowledge at hand for consistent and high-level customer service. 

We advice you on how to best localise your shop and provides you with services such as a local return address, social media monitoring or terms and conditions, all based on your needs.

You will have an Account Manager and a Shop Responsible at hand, who both look after your shops performance and opportunities for optimisation based on all the data and experience we have at hand.