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In the fast-paced world of B2B commerce, Vetnordic's story stands out as truly inspiring. In just three months, Vetnordic expanded its operations to four foreign markets, increasing order volume by an impressive 93%.

Vetnordic is on a mission to supply veterinarians with great products and support while eliminating the complexity of the traditional industry. This is done by offering an online platform from where veterinarians can order new supplies.

While Vetnordic's mission is the core offering, the success story is partly due to their strategic choice to externalise all first-line B2B customer support to native e-commerce specialists. That way, Vetnordic's core team gained the freedom to focus on fine-tuning the e-commerce platform and the execution of marketing strategies, while our customer service agents ensured a personalised and local client journey from start to finish.

Vetnordic's story isn't just about growth; it's about a unique and tailored experience for their clients at every step of the way.

As Vetnordic's dedicated support team across local markets, our role is tailored to their needs, yet crystal clear. We advise on:

  • local market preferences
  • effectively handle customer support
  • provide feedback to improve the webshop's processes
samples sent & accounts created to elevate awareness internationally

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of veterinarian customer base in Denmark through targeted outreach calls 

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“We decided to outsource all first-line support to MakesYouLocal. In addition, the right processes and support helped us scale our business to 4 markets in 3 months."

Jesper Smith, Managing Director, Vetnordic


Jesper Vetnordic
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Vetnordic's fast expansion into four new markets in just three months was a result of a smart decision: outsourcing first-line support to local teams. This move allowed Vetnordic to concentrate on essential functions like product development, marketing, and sales.

The involvement of native teams was crucial in understanding local markets and preferences. They implemented effective processes to ensure that Vetnordic's clients received a personalised and welcoming experience. Results speak more than words: 93% increase in orders.


Tailored set-up for


Vetnordic knew that their journey required a partner capable of adapting and customising solutions to suit their needs. Once the setup was tailored to Vetnordic's needs, scalability became second nature, significantly reducing go-to-market time.

Our dedication to Vetnordic goes beyond typical customer support tasks. Whether it's sending product samples to 300 international clients to enhance brand awareness or making outreach calls to Danish veterinarian clinics to promote user account registration, our team acts as a local extension of Vetnordic's sales team. We customise our solutions to align with specific objectives, enabling the core team to stay focused on achieving business goals.

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