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For multiple years, MakesYouLocal have handled Sephora's customer service in Denmark and Sweden. As a customer-centric brand, Sephora wants to be able to guarantee shoppers a great experience and a high level of customer service every time any of their customers reach out.

By designing a chatbot specifically with Sephora's customers in mind, we managed to automate 25% of all customer inquiries without compromising on the quality of service or the customer experience.



Were happy with the help they got from the chatbot

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€ 3000

Saved a month through chatbot automation

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"Using MakesYouLocal's technology and expertise, we managed to reduce customer service costs drastically without compromising on quality"

Emma Bonelli, E-commerce Specialist at Sephora



Hi! I am Sephora's Chatbot ✨

25% of all Conversations Automated

This was achieved through the chatbot's intuitive interface, where customers were seamlessly guided either to relevant sections on the site or provided with direct answers within the chat interface.

Take product recommendations, for instance. Automating such requests is a difficult task, especially for a brand like Sephora which boasts thousands of products on their sites. Instead of attempting direct automation, these inquiries were smartly redirected to Sephora's 'Beauty Hub' and 'Trending on Social Media' sections, ensuring customers discovered products tailored just for them. This strategy accounted for approximately 35% of the chatbot's total automations.


73% of Conversations Helpful

Almost 70% of online shoppers prefer to seek answers independently before turning to customer service, and 85% will switch channels if not promptly catered to. The chatbot on Sephora's website demonstrates how speed and quality in customer service can be combined.

A noteworthy 73% of interactions with the chatbot were marked helpful by users. For example, Sephora's global birthday programs and the varying gifts available across regions could be complex for customers. Yet, the chatbot efficiently clarified the nuances between Scandinavian and other regional offerings, achieving an impressive 95% approval on these conversations, which make up 15% of its total engagements.

On the other end of the scale, delivery-related topics saw a 37% approval rate. However, these conversations remained automated, still offering value without necessitating human intervention. Behind such tailored solutions stands a commitment to understanding unique business challenges, a philosophy that MakesYouLocal promotes.


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€3000 Saved a Month

With their 24/7 availability and instantaneous responses, chatbots don't just ensure that customers are assisted immediately, potentially averting any purchasing barriers, they also offer a more cost-effective solution compared to human agents.

Here’s how the math works for Sephora: each chatbot interaction represents a conversation that would have otherwise required a human touch, with all the associated costs of wages, training, and infrastructure. Since introducing the chatbots in December, Sephora has been saving on these very human-associated costs, with monthly savings amounting to approximately €3000.

This strategic shift to automation has not only ensured reduced operational costs for Sephora but has also emphasised their commitment to delivering timely and efficient customer service. The outcome? A modern, cost-conscious, and responsive approach to customer inquiries.