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Your community of e-commerce professionals, sharing their learnings on market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets.


250+ e-commerce professionals across european markets are sharing tips, tricks and stories from hands-on experience with succceeding, failing and trying again.

In this section, we have gathered ressources open for all e-commerce professionals across markets that are part of the Succeed Abroad community.

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We are now present in Latvia. Even with just one foot in, it's motivating to see the opportunities to improve and what to change in order to achieve the ultimate result.

Karolina Klunduk, E-commerce Marketing Manager, Maidina

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How To Get Started in International E-commerce

The Get Started Guide will give you valuable insights in everything you need to know when expanding your business to new markets.

Succeed Abroad - The Report-1
The Succeed Abroad Report

Learn from accomplished European e-commerce experts as they generously share their invaluable experiences across various markets and branches.

Should you go for Amazon or not?

A compact guide on how expanding your webshop sales to Amazon can impact your business, uncovering both the advantages and obstacles it presents.

Annual Marketing Calendar

Gain access to significant dates such as holidays, events, and celebrations, along with their cultural nuances. Strategically plan your marketing, ensuring it resonates with your local clientele.

Why customer service data is a goldmine

Improve customer journeys with AI technology by analyzing customer service data to enhance experiences, reduce costs, and drive revenue ...
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The secret behind customer service that's great for both customers and your business

Four ways to improve customer experience in customer service using technology by having FAQ pages, answer templates, a chatbot, and by ...
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Decrease costs of customer service using technology

Three ways to decrease costs of customer service using technology by machine translation, chatbots, and smart mail filters.
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From global to local - how to manage marketing content across markets

In this blog post, we will explore and discuss how brands and e-commerce companies can manage marketing content across markets
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Localise Your Marketing Strategy with the Annual Wheel

Get your Annual Marketing Wheel to schedule and plan your activities across markets.
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Spotlight: Printler flattens out the learning curve when expanding

Being present in the market already and starting a marketing program more aggressively later on has helped us flatten out this learning ...
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Avoid This Common Mistake When You Launch in New Markets 

Avoid the common mistake of underestimating the importance of comprehensive customer service when entering new markets. Limited ...
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Why Localisation is Crucial in Digital Marketing

While platforms like Google Ads and Facebook have a global presence, understanding the importance of tailoring your content to local ...
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How to Successfully Navigate the Ever-Changing Online Marketplace

Discover how to navigate the ever-changing online marketplace successfully. Learn the importance of having your own webshops and a ...
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How to launch a webshop in a new country in 4 weeks

Launching a webshop in a new country can seem like an overwhelming task, and it can be difficult to know where to start. However, our ...
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Choosing the Right Market and Selling Channels for Your International E-commerce Success

Learn how to choose the right countries and channels to sell your products internationally. Conduct a Market Scan to identify ...
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5 Key Considerations for Expanding Your E-Commerce Business Abroad

Expand your business internationally with these 5 crucial factors to consider before selling abroad. From understanding customer ...
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