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Your community of e-commerce professionals, sharing their learnings on market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets.


Technology is an important lever when e-commerce companies grow and expand.

In this section, you will find all stories on how e-commerce professionals across Europe are using technology to Succeed Abroad.

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The size of the company doesn't matter. We face exactly the same challenges as those that are 10, 20, 100 times larger than us.

Jacob Thorén, E-Commerce Manager, Oscar Jacobsen

Translation strategy - balance between costs vs quality

Achieve translation excellence with a blend of machine efficiency and human expertise, tailored to your unique business ...
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How MessyWeekend learned to succeed abroad - sustainably

Succeeding abroad is one thing. Today, brands need to be able to prove they can build success outside their home market in a ...
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Product update - streamlining translation services

Discover the advantages of our latest translation product releases and get a glimpse of our winning cross-border e-commerce ...
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How Cellbes cultivates customer clubs

E-commerce Manager Pia Adermalm talks about how the Cellbes uses technology and localisation tactics including customer clubs ...
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Don’t get stuck in the comparison swamp

Jula is finding success by investing heavily in local expertise and running micro tests in local markets before scaling up but ...
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What ‘gut feel’ has to do with localisation

How Najell uses a team of country managers to super charge its localisation strategy outside of Sweden.
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The Fear of Losing Touch With Your Customers and How to Keep the Connection Alive

AI can help businesses maintain strong relationships with customers during growth. Learn to overcome the fear of losing touch, ...
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How Med24 picked its North Star to outclass local competition

You need to not just match but outperform rivals at every stage of the customer journey: from discovery to delivery. That takes ...
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Leveraging AI for Success: Turn Customer Insights into a To-Do List

Customer feedback is not just powerful; it's actionable. Learn how you can leverage your customers feedback to better your ...
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Decision makers: How Oscar Jacobson unlocks new markets

Oscar Jacobson ships across the EU but is building its presence in new markets with localised websites. Next, they’re looking ...
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MakesYouLocal and Sentisum announce strategic partnership

MakesYouLocal and SentiSum Announce Strategic Partnership, Enhancing E-commerce Customer Service with AI Technology
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Here's why the cost of customer service is about to go down

Customer service is a vital aspect of any business, but it often comes with significant costs. However, with the advancements ...
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