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Start very lean: let your website get indexed in a new country and start with a more aggressive marketing program later to flatten the learning curve.

Marco Wimmer, Printler


You can't get to know your target audience by sitting in Sweden. Go there, feel the pulse and talk to people.

Sofie Okstad, Marketing Director, Gents

get started guide cover
How To Get Started in International E-commerce

The Get Started Guide will give you valuable insights in everything you need to know when expanding your business to new markets.

Succeed Abroad - The Report-1
The Succeed Abroad Report

Learn from accomplished European e-commerce experts as they generously share their invaluable experiences across various markets and branches.

Should you go for Amazon or not?

A compact guide on how expanding your webshop sales to Amazon can impact your business, uncovering both the advantages and obstacles it presents.

Annual Marketing Wheel

Gain access to significant dates such as holidays, events, and celebrations, along with their cultural nuances. Strategically plan your marketing, ensuring it resonates with your local clientele.


How EYDA uses Influencer Marketing to establish brand awareness

In this interview, we spoke to Sofie Hedensted, Social Media Manager at EYDA, about some of the learnings from expanding ...
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Decrease costs of customer service using technology

Three ways to decrease costs of customer service using technology by machine translation, chatbots, and smart mail filters.
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Ninepine's Marketing Approach

In this interview, we spoke to the founders of Swedish E-commerce brand Ninepine, about their insights on Global Expansion ...
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Unlocking new markets with BGA

In this interview, we spoke to Founder and CEO of Swedish E-commerce success, BGA, about some of the learnings from expanding ...
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Strategies for successful e-commerce expansion

Antonella recaps on her experiences at this years Succeed Abroad, our events dedicated to international e-commerce. Learn from ...
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Interview with Andlight

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E-commerce Dilemma - brand loyalty or market reach

Explore the e-commerce dilemma between brand loyalty and market reach, detailing the rise of specialised marketplaces and the ...
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Swappie Case [In partnership with PostNL]

Learn from Finnish Swappie when we talk to the company about market expansion tactics
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Learning by doing with Markberg

In this interview, Head of E-commerce at Markberg shares learnings from Markbergs e-commerce market expansion
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Overcoming cold feet with Cozy Sheep

In this interview, Michael Jørgensen from Cozy Sheep shares learnings from localisation, translations and e-commerce market ...
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How TAKT is building a values-based community across markets

TAKT, an online furniture shop, is building a values-based community across markets. Learn about their approach to market ...
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How Lundhags tests its way into new markets

Lundhags talks testing its way to global growth
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