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To your community of e-commerce professionals sharing tips, tricks, stories and insights on how to succeed abroad 🌎

The Succeed Abroad Community is a collection of more than 250 e-commerce professionals from companies across Europe. Real-life stories on succeeding, failing - and trying again.

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Start very lean: let your website get indexed in a new country and start with a more aggressive marketing program later to flatten the learning curve.

Marco Wimmer, Printler

Read all stories within market expansion, localisation and technology, or deep dive into the Toolkit of hands-on guides and tips.

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How TAKT is building a values-based community across markets

TAKT, an online furniture shop, is building a values-based community across markets. Learn about their approach to market ...
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How Lundhags tests its way into new markets

Lundhags talks testing its way to global growth
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Bringing the northern tip of Denmark to the Netherlands with Skagen Clothing

After discussing the business case with Skagen Clothing, we set up a meeting with our e-commerce Localisation Specialist from ...
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Spotlight: Maidina Expanding from Lithuania

“I'm really excited that we are now present in Latvia. And when you know what your ultimate successful result is, everything is ...
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Billigt Arbejdstøj talks power of names

Learn how Billigt Arbejdstøj became a leading online seller of workwear and protective gear. Discover their market expansion ...
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COVID changed the game: Søstrene Grene discusses taking on 6 markets in 12 months

Learn how Danish retailer Søstrene Grene adapted their international expansion plans due to COVID-19, opening six markets in 12 ...
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Expectations versus reality in international expansion

For brands expanding into new markets, managing their own expectations can be the biggest challenge according to Barons ...
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The mindset that helps HiFi Klubben succeed in new markets

We talk to HiFi Klubben about market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets.
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How Spejder Sport looks at international markets

How Spejder Sport evaluates new markets
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SPOTLIGHT: The key to selling premium products across markets

Arte Domestica shares the key to selling premium products across markets
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Ztove: Cracking customer journey critical for international growth

How Ztove uses buying situation data to unlock new markets
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SPOTLIGHT: How Bluepack beat rivals in Sweden

Bluepack talks international expansion
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