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Your community of e-commerce professionals, sharing their learnings on market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets.


Do you want to learn from the best in class on market expansion tactics? Dig into stories from e-commerce companies like Med24 & Gents.

In this section, we have gathered stories from hands-on e-commerce professionals that share how they decide to expand - and what they've learned so far.

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The size of the company doesn't matter. We face exactly the same challenges as those that are 10, 20, 100 times larger than us.

Jacob Thorén, E-Commerce Manager, Oscar Jacobsen

SPOTLIGHT: How Bluepack beat rivals in Sweden

Bluepack talks international expansion
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DeeZee: Taking risks can pay off in new markets

DeeZee shares its strategy for launching in eastern and western markets
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Savicki: How failure in one market unlocks success in another

Savicki talks failure in the UK and building a blueprint for launching abroad
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How MessyWeekend learned to succeed abroad - sustainably

Succeeding abroad is one thing. Today, brands need to be able to prove they can build success outside their home market in a way they can sustain.
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How Cellbes cultivates customer clubs

E-commerce Manager Pia Adermalm talks about how the Cellbes uses technology and localisation tactics including customer clubs to evolve along with their customers.
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Don’t get stuck in the comparison swamp

Jula is finding success by investing heavily in local expertise and running micro tests in local markets before scaling up but it is clearer than ever that true localisation takes time.
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What ‘gut feel’ has to do with localisation

How Najell uses a team of country managers to super charge its localisation strategy outside of Sweden.
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Think like a Finn with global super brand Skechers

Being present in the market already and starting a marketing program more aggressively later on has helped us flatten out this learning curve.
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Beating local competitors with extra consumer love

SC Styling shares market expansion tactics, localisation and technology across markets with our learning community.
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Airinum Co-founder: "Challenge your assumptions constantly"

Expansion tactics and learnings from Airinum: from a Stockholm basement to a global brand with customers including Gwyneth Paltrow and Matt Damon.
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From global to local - how to manage marketing content across markets

In this blog post, we will explore and discuss how brands and e-commerce companies can manage marketing content across markets
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How customers help Gents crack local markets

Gents is the leading online retailer of male grooming products in Scandinavia with annual growth of 35% and 100k website visitors every month - towards becoming number one in the world.
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