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Nechte AI analyzovat a kategorizovat všechny vaše konverzace, abyste porozuměli tónu hlasu vašich zákazníků. Využijte získané poznatky ke zlepšení procesů, zvýšení výnosů a růstu vaší firmy.



Customer service is the only real two-way communication channel you have with your customers. By bringing insights from customer service into business decisions, you can make changes to processes, assortments, campaigns and more based on customer feedback to build long-lasting relationships. Using Artificial Intelligence to collect this data, understanding and enhancing customer experiences has never been more straightforward.

  • Real-time AI analysis
  • Conversation routing
  • Phone call summarisation
  • Automated reporting

The voice of your customers

Our AI model has been changed on millions of customer service conversations from more than 500 e-commerce businesses. We look for patterns, themes, and meanings in the messages from customer service – not keywords.

By doing so, we can categorise and tag conversations in a highly detailed way without any overlap, which allows you to get to the root of problems and improve from there. In addition, you get access to all conversations in both the original language and machine-translated to English.

With AI tagging you are able to turn your customer service data into a to-do list and create better and better customer experiences for your customers, improving conversion along the way.

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Angry customer message with key information underlined


Not all conversations are equal

Some conversations are really complex, some are very time-sensitive, some just require a specific skillset. 

By analysing and tagging conversations as they come in, you can direct conversations to specific agents, teams, inboxes, or queues depending on the subject and urgency of the conversation.

This can be done for any subject that makes sense for you and your team, whether it is bulk handling of refunds, product questions to the dedicated team, or sending cancellation requests to the top of the priority list.

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Illustration of how a conversations tagged with "Cancel order" is automatically prioritised in an urgent queue of conversations


Fully understand phone calls

Phone calls are long, end up being about many things, and can be difficult to categorise.

By recording your phone calls, our AI will transcribe all the contents, analyse it, and tag it as all other conversations – in addition, though, you also get a brief summary of each conversation to help understand the reason for contact and to make it easier to do deep-dives into specific categories.

This way your phone calls – a channel that is otherwise generally undocumented in organisations – become searchable and written just like the rest of the conversations, so you can use their content to get better at what you do.

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Illustration of a phone call about a wrong product and refund request with a summary of the conversation.


Dashboards for all teams

To get the most out of customer service data it needs to be brought from the customer service out to the rest of the organisation.

With Customer Insights, you are turning your conversations with your customers into quantitative data, which you can build dashboards and reports from.

These dashboards can be scheduled and send out to the relevant stakeholders at a daily, weekly, or monthly interval, as well as when things get out of the ordinary. This keeps the whole organisation in the loop and promotes a customer-first mindset.

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Illustration of a report on the top questions during a week



€ 400/mo
AI analysis of customer conversations 
Seamless system integration
3000 conversations analysed pr. month
Tagging done in your helpdesk system


Custom pricing
Everything in 'Just analysis' plus...
Access to Customer Insights platform
All conversations searchable and available in original language and English
Unlimited custom dashboards
Automated reporting with custom dashboards
Motatos Matsmart icon
Henrik SandströmCustomer Service Operations Manager at Matsmart - Motatos

"Listening in on all the customers in real time gives important and valuable insights"

Skechers icon
Tony HansenOnline Customer Service Manager at Skechers
"We monitor customer conversations to spot colour trends and help shape the design of our new collections"
North trampoline icon
Sonja LowdeDirector of Sales & E-commerce at North Trampoline
"By listening in on conversations we can provide agents with feedback and ensure close collaboration between the different teams"


Average webshops receive one customer service request for every five orders that come in. This makes customer service the biggest dataset for understanding the voice of your customers. It is also the best – it is where you get to hear about your customers issues, requests, feedback, and thoughts about your webshop or brand. For these reasons, customer service can be a driver for your business rather than a cost center.

Product feedback By listening to your customers' questions and messages about products, you can get unique insights into what they like, or do not like, about them and use that to inform your product strategy.  
Campaign insights Track the impact of specific campaigns in terms of customer opinions and questions they may have to make sure the terms are clear and the discount codes work - and so you can fix it if not.  
Process improvement Every message from a customer is a sign that something disrupted the customer journey. By analysing and categorising conversations, you can turn customer service data into a to-do list and improve processes based on  
"Monitorujeme konverzace se zákazníky, abychom rozpoznali barevné trendy a pomohli tak utvářet design našich nových kolekcí."
Tony HansenOnline Customer Service Manager at Skechers
"Naslouchání všem zákazníkům v reálném čase poskytuje důležité a cenné informace."
Henrik SandströmCustomer Service Operations Manager at Matsmart

"Služba "Poznatky o zákaznících" společnosti MakesYouLocal nám umožňuje podrobně zkoumat konverzace a poskytovat zpětnou vazbu agentům společnosti MakesYouLocal, což podporuje užší spolupráci s týmem podpory a umožňuje jim cítit se jako nedílná součást naší organizace."

Sonia LowdeDirector of Sales & E-commerce


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